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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
25 Jan 2016Monitoring Hawaiian waterbirds: evaluation of sampling methods to produce reliable estimates.Camp, Richard; Brinck, Kevin; Paxton, Kevin; Leopold, Christina
Oct 2012Developing accurate survey methods for estimating population sizes and trends of the critically endangered Nihoa millerbird and Nihoa finch.Gorressen, P. Marcos; Camp, Richard; Brinck, Kevin; Farmer, Chris
25 Jan 2016A five-year study of Hawaiian hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus semotus) occupancy on the island of Hawai`iGorressen, P. Marcos; Bonaccorso, Frank; Pinzari, Corinna; Todd, Christopher; Montoya-Aiona, Kristina; Brinck, Kevin
25 Jan 20162011 Kiwikiu (Maui Parrotbill) and Maui `alauahio abundance estimates and the effect of sampling effort on power to detect a trend.Brinck, Kevin; Camp, Richard; Gorressen, P. Marcos; Leonard, David; Mounce, Hanna; Iknayan, Kelly; Paxton, Eben
25 Jan 2016A landscape-based assessment of climate change vulnerability for all native plants.Fortini, Lucas; Price, Jonathan; Jacobi, James; Vorsino, Adam; Burgett, Jeff; Brinck, Kevin; Amidon, Fred; Miller, Steve; Gon III, Sam; Koob, Gregory; Paxton, Eben
Jul 2015Richness, diversity, and similarity of arthropod prey consumed by a community of Hawaiian forest birdsBanko, Paul; Peck, Robert; Brinck, Kevin; Leonard, David
25 Jan 2016Status of forest birds on Rota, Mariana Islands.Camp, Richard; Brinck, Kevin; Gorressen, P. Marcos; Amidon, Fred; Radley, Paul; Berkowitz, S. Paul; Banko, Paul
May 2015Behavior of the Hawaiian hoary bat (Lasiurus cinereus semotus) at wind turbines and its distribution across the North Ko`olau mountains, O'ahuGorressen, P. Marcos; Cryan, Paul; Huso, Manuela; Hein, Cris; Schirmacher, Michael; Johnson, Jessica; Montoya-Aiona, Kristina; Brinck, Kevin; Bonaccorso, Frank
06 Jan 2016Farallon de Medinilla seabird and Tinian moorhen analyses.Camp, Rick; Leopold, Christina; Brinck, Kevin; Juola, Frans
24 Jan 2016Changes in Mauna Kea dry forest structure 2000-2014Brinck, Kevin; Banko, Paul