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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Nov 2009Assessment of fuels, potential fire behavior, and management options in subalpine vegetation on Mauna Kea Volcano, Hawai`iThaxton, Jarrod M.; Jacobi, James D.
Oct 2007Rapid assessment of vegetation at six potential `Alala release sites on the island of Hawai`iPrice, John P.; Jacobi, James D.
10 Mar 2016Changes in the prevalence of avian disease and mosquito vectors at Hakalau Forest National Wildlife Refuge: a 14-year perspective and assessment of future riskLaPointe, Dennis A.; Gaudioso-Levita, Jacqueline M.; Atkinson, Carter T.; Egan, Ariel; Hayes, Kathleen
Jul 2008Reducing feral cat threats to native wildlife in Hawai`iHess, Steven C.; Hansen, Heidi; Banko, Paul C.
Jul 2010Limiting factors of four rare plant species in Ola`a forest of Hawai`i Volcanoes National Park.VanDeMark, Joshua R.; Pratt, Linda W.; Euaparadorn, Melody
Jul 2011Design of forest bird monitoring for strategic habitat conservation on Kaua`i Island, Hawai`iCamp, Richard J.; Gorresen, P. Marcos
Apr 2008Abundance, distribution, and population trend of the Hawaiian Hawk; 1998-2007.Gorresen, P. Marcos; Camp, Richard J.; Klavitter, John L.; Pratt, Thane K.
Nov 2009Population trends of native Hawaiian forest birds, 1976-2008: the data and statistical analysis.Camp, Richard J.; Gorresen, P. Marcos; Pratt, Thane K.; Woodworth, Bethany L.
May 2010Status and trends of native birds in the Keauhou and Kilauea Forest, Hawai`i Island.Camp, Richard J.; Jacobi, James D.; Pratt, Thane K.; Gorresen, P. Marcos; Rubenstein, Tanya
15 Sep 2017Hawai`i forest bird monitoring database: Database dictionaryCamp, Richard J.; Genz, Ayesha S.