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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2015Peregrine Falcon predation of endangered Laysan Teal and Laysan Finches on remote Hawaiian atolls.Reynolds, Michelle; Nash, Sarah; Courtot, Karen
25 Jan 2016Effects of climate and land use on diversity, prevalence, and seasonal transmission of avian hematozoa in American SamoaAtkinson, Carter; Utzurrum, Ruth; Seamon, Joshua; Schmaedick, Mark; LaPointe, Dennis; Apelgren, Chloe; Egan, Ariel; Watcher-Weatherwax, William
24 Jan 2016Avian disease and mosquite vectors in the Kahuku Unit of Hawaii Volcanoes National Park and Ka'u Forest ReserveGaudioso-Levita, Jaqueline; LaPointe, Dennis; Atkinson, Carter; Egan, Ariel
21 Jan 2016An assessment of arthropod prey resources at Nakula Natural Area Reserve, a potential site of reintroduction for kiwikiu (Pseudonestor xanthophrys) and Maui alauahio (Paroreomyza montana)Peck, Robert; Banko, Paul; Cappadonna, Justin; Steele, Claire; Leonard, David; Mounce, Hanna; Becker, C. Dusti; Swinnerton, Kirsty
24 Jan 2016Evaluating detection and monitoring tools for incipient and relictual non-native ungulate populationsJudge, Seth; Hess, Steven; Faford, Jonathan; Pacheco, Dexter; Leopold, Christina; Cole, Colleen; DeGuzman, Veronica
04 Dec 2015Efforts to eradicate yellow crazy ants on Johnston Atoll: Results from Crazy Ant Strike Team IX, December 2014-June 2015Peck, Robert; Banko, Paul; Donmoyer, K.; Kropidlowski, S.; Pollock, A.
04 Dec 2015Evidence of low genetic variation and rare alleles in a bottlenecked endangered island endemic, the Laysan Teal (Anas laysanensis).Reynolds, Michelle; Pearce, John; Lavretsky, Philip; Peters, Jeffery; Courtot, Karen; Seixas, Pedro
25 Jan 2016Palila restoration research, 1996-2012. Summary and management implications.Banko, Paul; Farmer, Chris
21 Jan 2016Dynamics and ecological consequences of the 2013-2014 Koa moth outbreak at Hakalau Forest National Wildlife RefugeBanko, Paul; Peck, Robert; Yelenik, Stephanie; Paxton, Eben; Bonaccorso, Frank; Montoya-Aiona, Kristina; Foote, David
21 Jan 2016Winter distribution and use of high elevation caves as foraging sites by the endangered Hawaiian hoary bat, Lasiurus cinereus semotusBonaccorso, Frank; Montoya-Aiona, Kristina; Pinzari, Corinna; Todd, Christopher