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N -Carbophenes: two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks derived from linear N -phenylenes

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Title:N -Carbophenes: two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks derived from linear N -phenylenes
Authors:Junkermeier, Chad E.
Luben, Jay Paul
Paupitz, Ricardo
covalent organic framework
LC Subject Headings:graphene
Date Issued:02 Oct 2019
Publisher:IOP Publishing
Citation:Mater. Res. Express 6 (2019) 115103
Abstract:N -Carbophene (carbophene) is a novel class of two-dimensional covalent organic frameworks (2DCOF), based on linear N-phenylenes, that have moderate band gaps and low-mobility bands surrounding the Fermi energy; the simplest of which may have been recently synthesized. Using tight-binding density functional theory, the ground state configurations single layers, bilayers, and bulk systems was determined. This work finds that carbophenes have formation energies per carbon atom similar to that of graphenylene. The similarity of formation energies between graphenylene and carbophene suggests that when trying to synthesize one, the other may also be synthesized. The formation energies could explain why the first reported synthesis of graphenylene also indicated that they may have synthesized 3-carbophene. Results contained in this work suggests that a carbophene was synthesized instead of graphenylene. The projected density of states (PDOS) demonstrates that the anti-aromatic nature of the cyclobutene units plays a direct role in the creation of bands around the Fermi level, making this an exciting material in the theoretical understanding of the nature of aromatic bonds.
Pages/Duration:12 pages
Rights:Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States
Journal:Materials Research Express
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