Biometrics: Evaluating the Performance of Biometric Authentication Methods Cabreros, Irvin 2021-12-22T20:29:52Z 2021-12-22T20:29:52Z 2021-11
dc.description A student presentation to the Fall 2021 Student Research and Creative Works Symposium
dc.description.abstract Weak passwords and rudimentary authentication systems have been a top concern for both businesses and individual users for some time now. Last year, a data breach investigations report by Verizon claimed that over 0% of the total number of breaches leveraged stolen or weak passwords. As a result, companies have been investing on a multitude of ways to strengthen password security and improve the authentication process for both clients/ users and employees. One of these ways is biometric authentication. Currently, most of the general population’s experience with biometric authentication is done through mobile devices such as Apple’s FaceID and TouchID and Android fingerprint readers. They are often marketed as convenient and secure alternatives to common 4- or 6-digit user passcodes.
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dc.title Biometrics: Evaluating the Performance of Biometric Authentication Methods
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