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Klinch, Donna
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University of Hawaii - West Oahu
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I am looking at covering the handy van. The problem of the van is that you’ll have to pay $2.00 each way and that it has to be exact change, or have a coupon that you bought earlier for your ride. The trouble with paying cash is that you do not always have exact change, ATMs only handout twenties, and the drivers do not get change. The coupons you have to get at the main bus transit center in town, and this is a problem if you do not have the time to be able to go in and pick them up.

With the handy van ID, I do not see why those that ride the van cannot purchase a year pass at the transit center like you can for the bus. This would allow those that ride the van easier access for their ride because they have a hard enough time going from place to place without the hassle of buying coupons or have an exact change. From the way I see it, this is why many that could ride the handy van, ride the bus instead. The only problem with riding the bus is that for some areas the bus does not go near, it is too far for most to go from the bus stop to a where they need to go.

The handy van is convenient for dropping you off where you need to go; time is the only problem. For just two appointments you would need to leave the house at 930 AM to make it to your 12:00 appointment, then leave there at 1430 for your 1600 appointment, later finally be picked up at 1730 to make it home by 1830 or 1900. This is just for two appointments one at noon and one at four. Basically, you’re a whole day has been spent waiting on the van. For those that use the van to go to work every day, having enough coupons is a problem if you do not relies that your short.

Other problems with the Handie-van is that most people do not know what the Handie-van will do during an emergencies like hurricanes. People also do not know who will activate the Handie-van during emergencies or where they are supposed to take their passengers.

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