Near Field Communication Betiong, Helmer Jeo 2022-10-24T17:48:06Z 2022-10-24T17:48:06Z 2022-11
dc.description A student presentation to the Fall 2022 Student Research and Creative Works Symposium
dc.description.abstract Technology has evolved rapidly in the past few years, and there is no telling where the future will take the evolution of technology. Technology has made it easier for people to do things that would not be possible if not for how advanced technology has come. Technology has helped us to connect to loved ones overseas, conduct research, watch movies, and purchase things with just the tip of our fingers. Near Field Technology (NFC) is a technology that is developed for short range radio communication technology allowing users to make secure transactions, exchange digital contents with just a touch of a finger. With how recent NFC is, there is still concerts of how well this technology safeguards users' information's.
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dc.title Near Field Communication
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