Cyber Security Issues Arising from a Remote Working Environment















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Business enterprises are faced with risks of disruption brought about by COVID-19. The adoption of remote working was the best solution intended to help organizations continue despite the pandemic and avoid these disruptions caused by the rise of the virus. Moving substantial elements of business operation to online presents new cyber security issues. At the same time, the original cyber risks are left untacked, which means that cyber security issues increase as a result of remote working. Many research studies have been conducted on the cyber-security issues that arise in the COVID-19 era. None of this research focuses precisely on remote working as a major issue that presents issues that jeopardize the security of information and essential data owned by corporations.
This research report is guided by the primary goal of exploring the various security risks in the new remote working environment and then providing various recommendations that organizations can consider helping secure themselves from cyber-related attacks. According to Fischer (2014), cyber security is a means organizations use to assist in protecting themselves against undesirable surveillance of and gathering of intelligence from an information system. Therefore, in order to protect the critical assets of an organization, we are going to look at various issues that arise in remote working environments (Saxena et al., 2020) and hence provide the various solution that can help organizations by ensuring that they are better safeguarded from any cyber threats. Some of the issues identified in this study include unfamiliarity with the new online learning and a lack of communication on the change management strategies the corporations are providing their employees. In essence, employees are entering into a whole new learning environment without proper security guidelines that will help them enhance data and information security. Thus, they are highly exposed to cyber risks and are therefore vulnerable to cyber-related crimes.
So what exactly are the cyber security risks that have come up in this new remote working environment? This study uses qualitative and quantitative research methods to identify some cyber security issues exposed to while working remotely or telecommuting. The study finds that the remote working environment exposes employees to severe cyber-crimes that target them as individuals and the corporation they work for. As the study report concludes, several recommendations are provided to enhance cyber security for such vulnerable employees and organizations in general. We are going to take up a broader reflection on these cyber-attacks within the COVID-19 era. Nevertheless, this study will explore the impact of these cyber-attacks by examining the attacks that impact remote working and the employees working remotely altogether. The impact of these cyber security issues on organizations and employees shall be examined in the analyses. The study will conclude with recommendations on how cyber issues can be avoided to help protect individuals and organizations from diverse consequences.


A student presentation to the Fall 2021 Student Research and Creative Works Symposium




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