Math Engagment Rivera, Ranndie (Kehau) 2021-05-24T17:06:59Z 2021-05-24T17:06:59Z 2020-11
dc.description A student presentation to the Fall 2020 Student Research and Creative Works Symposium
dc.description.abstract Math engagment within lessons has been found to be detrimental to students' overall academic progress. Through diagnostic assessments, teachers are finding that the problem starts with students' engagment and the goals they are to acheive by the end of the lesson. In a study. researchers have found that by developing students' self-regulating learning (SRL) skills such as setting learning goals and then monitoring the progress towards those goals may help students who tend to fall behind, as they work to self-motivate and increase their engagement (Solberg et. al., 2012 in Buzza 2015). Math becomes a target content of focus as student engagment levels within classrooms become lower. As teachers are finding multiple way of interaction and engagment, students become more motivated to learn.
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dc.title Math Engagment
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