A Comparative Feminist Reflection on Race and Gender

dc.contributor.author Rosenlee, Li-Hsiang Lisa
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dc.description.abstract Bryan W. Van Norden's Taking Back Philosophy is a long-awaited and much-needed manifesto on multicultural curricula in the academic discipline of philosophy, which has up to now been stubbornly persistent in its monolithic approach to the teaching of its own self-defined genealogy, its origin, its methodology, and its very essence. As Van Norden points out, philosophy has a serious diversity problem. Only a handful of graduate programs have full-time faculty teaching non-Western philosophy.1 No other discipline in the humanities or social sciences, other than those specifically designated as Anglo-European area studies, has been so lopsided in its curricula and student makeup as the resolutely and decisively Anglo-Europecentered discipline of philosophy. Eighty-six percent of its Ph.D.s are granted to non-Hispanic whites.2 Compounding this Anglo-European identity is philosophy's phallic-centrism: among all the Humanities disciplines, philosophy has the lowest percentage of female doctoral students. Philosophy manages to graduate even fewer female Ph.D.s than math, chemistry, or economics—a stunning revelation that the academic discipline of philosophy has a problem not only of cultural inclusion but also of gender inclusion to a much greater degree than other academic disciplines that are perceived as inherently "masculine."
dc.format.extent 11 pages
dc.identifier.citation Lisa Rosenlee, L. (2019). A Comparative Feminist Reflection on Race and Gender. Philosophy East and West 69(2), 627-637. University of Hawai'i Press. http://doi.org/10.1353/pew.2019.0046
dc.identifier.doi 10.1353/pew.2019.0046
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dc.title A Comparative Feminist Reflection on Race and Gender
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