Boyd, Lawrence W., Jr.

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    The End of Hawaii’s Plantations: Back to the Future?
    (ANNALS of the American Academy of Political and Social Science, 1996-03) Boyd, Lawrence W., Jr.
    This article explores the response taken by Hawaii's people and society to workers displaced by the closing of sugar and pineapple plantations. Rooted in culture, history, and a labor market that is institutionally different from that of much of the United States, the response to structural unemployment is both unconscious and systematic. Also explored is the potential impact these closures can have on Hawaii's economy and society. Will Hawaii go back to the future and return to a society dominated by a business oligarchy such as existed throughout much of the plantation era? Or will it go back to the future as happened with the Democratic Revolution of 1954 and the birth of the modern Hawaiian economy? Can we distinguish between the two approaches today? These questions will be resolved based on whether Hawaii's people decide on a renewal of traditional ideas and beliefs or on an overthrow of these ideas.
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    Hawaii's economy and the state's "ability to pay" public sector salaries
    ( 1996-10) Boyd, Lawrence W., Jr.
    This is a brief update for UH faculty on the status of the economy and the state's financial condition. I have written this so faculty can work their way through various claims which have been made and arrive at reasonable conclusions concerning our own contract. Our public dialogue concerning the status of the state's economy and its finances has been incredibly poor, and unnecessarily confusing, due to the propaganda of special interest groups.