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    Integration of Malware Analysis Concepts, Techniques, and Tools in Undergraduate Cybersecurity Programs
    (IJERT, 2022-06) Chapman, Matthew A.
    Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing technical career fields in the country. Due to the increasing threat to both government and industry information systems, it is necessary for cybersecurity programs to produce graduates that can react to the increasingly complex attempts by hostile actors to exploit computer networks. To respond to these growing threats, it is critical for graduates of cybersecurity undergraduate programs to have knowledge of the concepts, techniques, and tools to break down and analyze malicious software used by hostile actors, and understand evolving cyber- attack tactics, techniques, and procedures. Malware analysis is typically an advanced cyber security topic covered in cybersecurity graduate degree programs or specialized training; however, with the rapidly evolving threat, malware analysis must be incorporated into undergraduate cybersecurity degree programs in a significant level of detail. A curriculum is necessary that includes a survey of the socio-cultural aspects impacting the cyber threat landscape, fundamentals of traditional and cloud network architecture and services, and a detailed study into the fundamentals of both static and dynamic malware analysis.