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This collection preserves a weekly campus newsletter for the University of Hawaiʻi - West Oʻahu (UHWO), starting in February 11th, 2013 to present. The attached record files are PDFs taken from the emails sent to the faculty listserv. The content of the newsletter include weekly goings-on of the campus, general announcements to faculty and staff, and messages from UHWO chancellors at the time. From February 11th, 2013 to May 24, 2021, the newsletter was referred to as This Week at UH West Oahu, and starting in June 7, 2021, the newsletter was renamed Makahaiwaʻa. Starting with the first issue of Makahaiwaʻa, there is a corresponding web-preservation (WACZ) file created to better capture the online experience of the newsletter and to help mitigate link rot . These files are currently being stored in a Google Drive controlled by the James & Abigail Campbell Library. The campus maintains an archive at the following URL:


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