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    Analyzing the Suitability of Mokauea Loko Iʻa Water Temperature & Salinity for Water Restoration Via Oysters
    (Native Science Report, 2020-08) Millerd, Sydney ; Widiasih, Esther
    Mokauea Island was once part of a productive food system in the waters of Keʻehi, which held more than 40 ancient Hawaiian loko iʻa (Hawaiian fishponds). However, as a result of dredging and westernized “development,” the food system including its loko iʻa were destroyed. Today, a non-traditional fishpond remains on the east side of Mokauea Island. However, its poor design resulted in poor circulation and was not suitable for fish production. Therefore, in an effort to restore the pond, oyster cultivation is being considered. With the advice of an oyster-expert, Pacific oysters are particularly being considered since water temperature and salinity are critical factors that contribute to the success of oysters. A statistical analysis of one-year bottom and surface water temperatures and salinity data from May 22, 2019 to May 22, 2020 is performed to explore the suitability of Mokauea loko iʻa in terms of its water temperatures and salinity levels.